Anabolic Muscle Supplements - Best Anabolic Supplements For Quick Gains

The word anabolic has its roots in Greek, and means 'grow'. Inside the context of bodybuilding, anabolic muscle supplements pertains to supplements that are being used to aid in quick muscle growth for increase in mass and strength. In order to understand what anabolic muscle supplements are the best, it is important to understand anabolic growth phases of the muscles first. Right now there are mainly three levels during a day when your muscles are in the growth phase:

15-45 minutes after a work out - This is the first and the primary development phase. This is when much of muscle pump starts to die down, and the body starts initial repairs and regrowth on the muscles. This particular phase requires anabolic supplements that provide high quantities of protein that is quickly absorbed into the system, as well as faster processing by the body to provide all the necessary nutrients required.

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During deep sleep - This is the second growth and repair phase, and just as important as the post-workout phase. Many Deca Durabolin alternatives Decaduro of the body repair and muscle regrowth (when you actually gain mass and strength) happens during this time. The anabolic supplements required at this phase should provide slow absorption of protein, a heavy sleep, and low energy production. This phase is very important and bypassing on sleep will most likely hinder one's muscle gains. The particular best anabolic supplement in this category is Nocturnabol, which is designed to maximize deep sleep and muscle repair through the sleep.

Right after waking up - This is the third anabolic stage, and is not quite as important as the first two. However, for maximized benefits, one should not ignore this stage either. This phase requires anabolic supplements that provide more calories from fat, energy, and some proteins that absorbs at a medium rate. This provides the energy and net food-weight that helps increase overall mass and power.

It is important to note that all three anabolic stages have very different requirement and require different sorts of supplements. Generic supplements usually do not provide all these benefits, and could also hinder optimal muscle gains if they do not support the body correctly. Therefore, one should either use the most potent yet safe anabolic muscle supplements vailable for just one of the 3 phases, or concentrate on 'stacking' different supplements together to get the maximum gains possible.

The best such stack on the market today is that of combining 1-Androsterone, 4-AD, and Arom-X. These anabolic supplements, along with other top-of-the-line products including Decavol, HyperPump, and Dienedrone are developed by Sophisticated Muscle Science. It is recommended that you read through the data and diet labels on these products before making a ultimate decision to suit your specific needs.