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With so few accredited slimming pills on the market it is essential that one search for the advice of their well being before experimenting with anything at all that can be bought to help weight loss. Treatments which may have not been approved for license are sold just about everywhere even in health retailers.

Because the companies who manufacture them have not sought an approval of the appropriate regulatory body, their drugs are not tested by the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) (Food and Drug Administration) of the US and the EMA (European Medications Agency) throughout the UK. This means that no-one can be certain of the content of the drugs or what effects they might have on ordinary dieters.

It is quite accidental whenever we here that a 'herbal' drug has been found to contain large amounts of drugs which will only be available on prescription. In an excellent world all natural health supplements would be regulated by the appropriate and soon they are.

For the moment it is highly recommended to take only approved treatments for weight loss or any other condition for that matter. Side effects will tend to be experienced while taking most prescription drugs but if they are approved by a doctor; this means that regular follow-ups and monitoring are par for the course.

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Those who have a BMI of over 30 and who are at a level where nothing did and where surgery searching for like the Weight Loss Treatments only option, are occasionally approved phentermine. This is an extremely powerful drug and often hard to kick in cases and is likened for an amphetamine. Phentermine should be taken in such circumstances.

Qnexa, the latest weight loss treatment positive to be looked at by the FDA (Food and Medicine Administration) as a treatment contains topirimate and phentermine however this new ingredients has not been shown to cause one of the part effects associated with phentermine in the past.

This is not simply drugs that need approval but novelty diets are potentially as harmful. The Hcg diet is different to other diets is everywhere, the media are raving, the celebs are raving and even some doctors are raving. This diet is not given the green light by the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (Food and Drug Administration) and many say that the only reason that folks are seeing results (weigh lack of 1 pound per day) is down to the 500 calorie a day diet that has to accompany the hormone injections.

Advocates state that the Hcg diet is different to other diets will get clear of the weight in 'diet resistant' areas on the body including the loose and flabby upper arms, thighs and the beer belly but no evidence has recently been gathered to support this claim.

Beyond the lack of information we have on the effects of this type of diet permanent and the poor dietary practice that it is based on, the cost is massive. The syringes and the hormone will run the monthly bill up to somewhere in the hundreds but I suppose the meals bill will be significantly less making this luxury more affordable.